Exhibition in May 2022 in Bourg-en-Bresse

Ursula Reindell Paintings+Sculptures

Perceive yourself in the mirror of others

Ursula Reindell is exhibiting under this title in May 2022 in Bourg-en-Bresse at the Sale de Fête as a special guest artist.

With my exhibition I would like to illuminate the interaction that inspires people with my art. For me it is important not that "one" understands art, but that a sensation, a feeling is triggered when we enter into an inner dialogue with a painting or a sculpture and ask ourselves what it is, what is the "it" in me? When does the level "conscious" - "unconscious" become tangible. "Art is an experience, not an object," says Motherwell (1915-1991).

“Perceive yourself in the mirror of others” is, in other words, the contemplation, the experience of artistic works and dealing with them, seeing who you are and can be, in the moment when you open yourself. With this opening, the viewer enters into a relationship with the artist and the work of art.

Creating connections always triggers a change in structures. It can create a change in people's hearts and encourages us to go beyond the limits of our different socializations.

The unifying being of mankind, its own being and life, regardless of nationality, origin, skin colour etc., is an expression of living together with other cultures. Transience can be experienced in forms that change, dissolve. Form (structure) loses itself in the formless, a space of stillness can arise, the inner space in which everyone finds her/his own interpretation. Detached and independent of all previous opinions and classifications, you can build yourself a virtual work of art that allows changes in you. And finally, one can embrace death.

Vernissage on 14.05.2022 by 13:30 hour. Finissage 29.05.2022

Ursula Reindell