A Candle for Amnesty
Wire, Varnish / 200 × 100 cm / 2009

extract from Human Images — The Work of Ursula Reindell
(Dr. Angela Nestler-Zapp)

"Ursula Reindell studied art at the College of Fine Arts and Crafts of the University of Mainz and the College of Creative Arts in Hamburg. She has been a freelance artist since 1976, moving from Hamburg to Schleswig-Holstein and the Westerwald, and then to Bad Kreuznach. Her work, however, is mainly influenced by the time she has spent in Asia : the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

In the artist’s work, painting, drawing and graphics alternate with found art and sculpture, proceeding in parallel, depending on each other, and creating the necessary tension for experiments in form and content. Work with graphical techniques continues throughout the artist’s work — a printing press still stands in her studio in Bad Kreuznach, where she spends several months each year.

At the end of the 1970s came graphics that are devoted above all to the female nude. The voluptuous protagonists appear as outlined figures without an internal structure, in relaxed corporeality. They are bold depictions, dispensing with perspective depth. Three-dimensionality is achieved with two-dimensional decorative elements made up of abstract patterns, foreground and background becoming a unified, ornamental surface. The silhouette-like depiction, the decorative elements and the play with optical effects recall Matisse and Op Art.

Her encounter with East Asian cultures and her examination of their centuries old artistic tradition has shaped Ursula Reindell’s artistic development, as is clear from the techniques, subjects and colours that she has adopted."